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Debo Ray, a Grammy-nominated musician, unlocks the inner joy with her music.


Growing up in the Boston area to Haitian immigrant parents, Debo faced the challenge of not fitting societal molds. Misunderstood and labeled an outcast, music became her sanctuary — a realm where she could explore different worlds without judgment. Embracing anime culture and finding inspiration in various genres, Debo ventured into acclaimed global projects.

Trained at the Handel and Haydn Society Vocal Apprenticeship Program and the New England Conservatory Prep School, she earned her stripes in opera voice. A graduate in vocal performance and classical composition from Berklee College of Music, Debo mastered vocal prowess and versatility that allows her to sing in any style. It’s all about the art of 'sound weaving' for Debo, where she skillfully intertwines diverse musical elements, from melody and harmony to rhythm and timbre, to craft harmonious and emotionally resonant experiences.

A spirited and cooperative collaborator, Debo Ray has worked with multiple Grammy award winners, including Bobby McFerrin, Esperanza Spalding, Antonio Sanchez, Terri Lyne Carrington, Screaming Headless Torsos, Women of The World, and more. And has graced renowned venues globally, including Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Hollywood Bowl, to name a few.

A composer at heart, Debo is known for the unique way she embraces and expresses the music she creates, as well as her style of blending theory with emotion in her performances. Spanning genres from Pop and R&B to Rock fusion, Debo Ray's mission is clear: to instill joy in music without sacrificing skill through an immersive experience. Her relatable yet universal sound creates a connection with listeners, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and find joy in the rich fabric of her musical expression.

Currently focused on providing an unforgettable on-stage experience and purposefully recording new material in the studio, you can find her releases on Spotify and all streaming platforms and watch her video releases on YouTube. Also, stay up to date with the latest news on what Debo is up to, here, and by joining her crew and becoming a Debonaut!

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